A Cloud of Darkness, A Dawning Light

A dark cloud gathers on the horizon. Its very presence shrouds our ability to see things clearly. Hope feels like an opiate that we came down from two decades ago and safety a dream from the innocent hours long since past. The petitions of the brokenhearted fill the air, but it feels like they echo back at us as if we are standing within a vast canyon.

To whom do we turn when life refuses to make sense? The media only wants us to keep watching so they can toy with our emotions while fleecing our empty pockets. Shall we place our trust in the politician to create the perfect overture to free us from that which threatens us? How can we legislate something we have yet to fully understand? Shall we look to the religious whose plastered smiles and empty slogans are just as easily revealed to us when sipping coffee in the break room staring at the motivational poster hung by HR last week. Am I the answer with all my ideas, flaws, and selfishness? I cannot save myself, let alone anyone else.

At second glance there is also a dawning light. It is something that is more than equal to the cloud. In fact it looks like it is keeping the cloud at bay; refusing it to expand beyond its current shape. There is a power there that is strong enough to illuminate the darkest hour. Fear is held in check and despair is vanquished. Does it seem like the light is growing?

There is a voice emanating from the light. It is calling…come near all who wander, come to me all who are weary. I will give you rest. Turn and see your brother, your sister. Walk with them towards me for I AM life and light.

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