Intentional Yes

Over this past week my kids were on Spring Break and I took a week off from work to be with them. I have taken vacation time with my wife and kids before, but this time was different. This time I did not wake up on the first morning back to work and school saying … More Intentional Yes

Do Adults Cry?

If you have ever helped a young child try to be brave while having their blood drawn or an x-ray taken in a very dark room then you know some of what I¬†experienced last Friday. You wish in your heart that you could take their place¬†so that they don’t have to go through it. I … More Do Adults Cry?

Let them be kids!

I know people say it is hard to be a parent today and that children are exposed to so much more now then when we were young. That is true and yet as a father of four I wonder how much of the stuff children deal with is due to our impatience and investment (for … More Let them be kids!