A Positive Word

Recently, I discovered the works of the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks whose writing has been a blessing to me. This is especially true of his book, “Judaism’s Life-Changing Ideas: A Weekly Reading of the Jewish Bible.“ His reflections on Metzora were so timely for me and I believe important for everyone after a year like … More A Positive Word

A Powerful Word

The reports coming in about the current mental health of people during this time of uncertainty and isolation is not good. We are under a real threat to our wholistic well-being and we are threatened by the virus. Here is what I hear and see. We are hurting…suffering in private, but also very visible ways. … More A Powerful Word

In Need of Mercy

7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. Matthew 5 I wrestle with this teaching. Not that I don’t agree with it or aspire to live it. I wrestle with the weight of what Jesus says in this teaching. He is making the case that one can only truly understand and embrace the mercy … More In Need of Mercy

Sermon: “Resolve to Give”

We can all agree that the world would be a better place if everyone tried to be kind. When Jesus preached that we should not judge others is that the same thing? Today we explore Jesus’ challenge to all who will listen about love. Material20190120105833 from First Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.