God’s Strength

At harvest time we are blessed with beautiful landscapes of crimson, gold, and hazel. Pumpkins are picked, cleaned, and carved. The flavors of fall are infused into everything from Oreo cookies to lattes. Students are beginning to hit their stride in their classrooms, the fall sports are in full swing, and outdoor events are everywhere. … More God’s Strength

What do I need?

Christian religion is some times thought of as a list of prohibitions. Sure there is language about salvation, heaven, eternal peace, but when you ask people who never went to a Christian worship service growing up or those who walked away from it they will typically highlight the restrictive language in the Bible as well … More What do I need?

Running Together

I adore sports. I take great pleasure in watching, playing, training for and talking sports. That said I never understood running as a sport. Please don’t misunderstand. I get what running is, but the question from me has always been; “Why? Why do that voluntarily? It seems like such an isolated, lonely thing for super … More Running Together