What would it take?

What would it take to prove my love for you?

You say that I am distant, so I left everything to be near. You say that I am out-of-touch with how things really are for you, so I walked where you walk, danced where you dance, wept when you wept, and worked as you work.

What would it take to convince you of my love?

You say that I am blind to your needs, so I stopped to watch without speaking. You say I am selfish, so I gave up more to be with you.

What would it take to help you believe that I love you?

You haven’t spoken to me in so long. You go anywhere that does not remind you of me. You say that you are too busy. Life is chaotic and when things settle down we can try again. You say, but you do not really say… anything.

What would it take recognize that I love you?

I was with you when everyone else turned their backs. When they said failure, and you thought there was nothing left, I said I believe in you, let’s do something new. You blocked me out, you wished I would suffer, you wanted me to bleed, you told me off, you wanted me to die.

So I did, for you. I suffered slander, hate speech, spit, a beating that made me unrecognizable to my own mother, scapegoating, public humiliation, and execution. For you, I did it for you.

I am here today, because all that I went through could not keep me away from you. So the question remains…

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