Shutdown and Stressed

Last night I was making a milk and dishwasher liquid run to Wal-Mart. The following conversation was happening among cashiers while I was placing my items on the counter. Cashier 1: How long will this government shut down last? Cashier 2: Who knows, but the last time it went on for 28 days? Cashier 1: … More Shutdown and Stressed

Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, You who are more eager to hear than we are ready to speak, Have mercy on us. We believe that we have the ability to correct our world by our intellect and might alone. Forgive us. Only you have the strength to solve the mess that exists in this world and within us. … More Prayer for Today

Say to my soul

Who will grant me to find peace in you? Who will grant me this grace, that you would come into my heart and inebriate it, enabling me to forget the evils that beset me and embrace you, my only good? What are you to me? Have mercy on me, so that I may tell. What … More Say to my soul

And you may begin

I remember sitting in the library, number 2 pencil in hand, empty blue book before me. My adrenaline level was rising, my mind feverishly reviewing relevant facts, and my heart saying softly “seek me and know.” Exams. I have yet to meet someone who enjoys them. They are a fact of life in preparing for … More And you may begin

Tired? Me too…

Maybe it is the fact that it was 9 degrees Fahrennheit this morning when I refused to get out of bed (hey, that’s cold for the South), or that it was the bajillionth night in a row when one or more of the kids climbed into bed for any number of reasons, or tons to do … More Tired? Me too…