Battling Chaos

What do you do when you are exhausted from the baby crying all night, your kids can’t find clothes to wear, they want to be at school 10 minutes ago, and you have only had some of your first cup of coffee? I have a choice. Fall apart as I look at this day and … More Battling Chaos

Lonely in America

Why is it that we crave to be known all while wanting to be left alone? When we enter into the pain and disorder and hear of a way through it we don’t want to be bothered by calls for personal or communal change. That would mean that our course is incorrect, the path we … More Lonely in America

Love > Nice

Isn’t life on this planet all about trying to be decent to one another? I mean just be nice. That sounds good, but can you be decent to everyone? Every day, every person, no holding back despite what kind of adversity your face. Can you be decent to her when she won’t apologize for what … More Love > Nice

Sharing Faith

“There is only one Jesus, and there is only one history. The question is whether the faith that finds its focus in Jesus is the faith with which we seek to understand the whole of history, or whether we limit this faith to a private world of religion and hand over the public history of … More Sharing Faith

The Gift

What is the perfect gift to give and receive? Is it found in a shop or online? Can those of meager wage obtain it or is it reserved for those who revel in the finer things of life? What is the perfect gift? Is it a place that you can travel to and will you … More The Gift