One, yet Divided

Recent I attended U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour and loved it! Truly one of the best live shows that I have attended. As the songs played there was a sense of something greater than this daily toil. In the midst of mass of humanity I felt joy and connection to something bigger than all the … More One, yet Divided

Hope is Built

I understand that people are bewildered about the state of global and national affairs. There is a feeling that we are all spiraling towards some kind of worldwide cataclysmic event. As one person shared so aptly today, “This is further proof to me that we are speeding towards the zombie apocalypse.” This was said in … More Hope is Built

Love > Nice

Isn’t life on this planet all about trying to be decent to one another? I mean just be nice. That sounds good, but can you be decent to everyone? Every day, every person, no holding back despite what kind of adversity your face. Can you be decent to her when she won’t apologize for what … More Love > Nice