Trying To Help

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” – Richard Rohr Over this past weekend my friend Rev. Dr. Mark Mueller of The Outreach Foundation spoke to leaders of my congregation and to people in the community about some staggering realities that this world is … More Trying To Help

Youth Gone Mild: My family meets Lollapalooza.

Even though there is plenty of shake-your-head press about Malia Obama twerking or the number of assaults and drug/alcohol related emergencies that happened over the weekend in Grant Park I experienced these festival goers in a completely random and surprisingly hope filled way. Let me explain. Even though I enjoy a lot of the musicians … More Youth Gone Mild: My family meets Lollapalooza.

Time to be Present

I find that I am far more conscious than I ever was before of how infinitely and terrifyingly time stretches, and how small, by comparison, the span of humanity’s existence is likely to prove. – Tom Holland These words struck me to my core this week. It is not like the concept of how big … More Time to be Present

A fine line

I believe that all parents wrestle with whether they are doing a good job. In fact for all our efforts there is often times disgust in the face of the child or tears or “that’s not fair!” I wish I had the ability to give the gift of foresight to all parents to see what … More A fine line