One Week later…

As I sit alone in a hotel in San Antonio miles away from pulpit and family I think about what took place last weekend during a service of worship in Sutherland Springs, TX. It is hard not to think about it and yet our “average” weeks are now filled with so much crazy that we … More One Week later…

Unity Disrupts Chaos

Change was much harder to imagine in the fifteenth century, and especially so in Rome, with all its thousand-year-old churches, feuding nobles, and legions of clerics. Carlos M. N. Eire Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650 Eire sets the stage for his exploration of an age where people were not looking for their world to shift … More Unity Disrupts Chaos

Gather Together

The current trend in leaving organized religion behind is troubling for many reasons. Yesterday, I was sharing with a member about how throughout the human story it was the religious faithful who stepped forward to care for the poor, outcast, infected, those who suffer from famine and natural disasters. “Imagine a day when all who … More Gather Together

The Violence

I don’t understand. I suppose that in many ways is a good thing, because I do not believe that we are designed to comprehend the vile sickness within someone who carries out the kind of horrors that we learned about this morning. How could this happen; again? Only this time it is the worst on … More The Violence


Damn! Another soul has taken their own life. I am mad. Please understand I am not angry at the latest rock star alleged suicide, but at the darkness that haunted him and so many of our loved ones who are convinced that the end of life is the only answer. Please! There will be a … More I AM HERE

One, yet Divided

Recent I attended U2’s The Joshua Tree Tour and loved it! Truly one of the best live shows that I have attended. As the songs played there was a sense of something greater than this daily toil. In the midst of mass of humanity I felt joy and connection to something bigger than all the … More One, yet Divided