Unity Disrupts Chaos

Change was much harder to imagine in the fifteenth century, and especially so in Rome, with all its thousand-year-old churches, feuding nobles, and legions of clerics. Carlos M. N. Eire Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650 Eire sets the stage for his exploration of an age where people were not looking for their world to shift … More Unity Disrupts Chaos

I would like, um.. you to…..what I mean is……..forget it.

There is nothing more frustrating than communication breakdown and yet we all know that communication is essential for everything. Work, relationships, parenting, coaching, teaching, pretty much everything. We know it, but here is the kicker….in order for communication to happen there needs to be both speaking and listening. At some point along the way we … More I would like, um.. you to…..what I mean is……..forget it.

The Wakening Hour

I have a theory that in every home that has children there occurs a periodic event that I call The Wakening Hour. This is a time that occurs deep into the evening when all or most all of your children stir and wander out of their rooms to find you. They are rarely fully awake, sometimes … More The Wakening Hour

Let them be kids!

I know people say it is hard to be a parent today and that children are exposed to so much more now then when we were young. That is true and yet as a father of four I wonder how much of the stuff children deal with is due to our impatience and investment (for … More Let them be kids!