We Must REST

All I hear about lately is that people are stretched to their breaking point. Even though we know that we are worn thin we still press on with all the practices that we liked to do to relax in the years before COVID. The problem with this is that so many of us don’t ever rest, we just try to escape.

Rest is more than taking a momentary escape from all the stresses and pain in life. Rest lets go of the vain attempts to force our will upon this earth, in the people around us, and on our own lives. Rest acknowledges that we are small and in need of something greater.

Above all rest is our conscious choice to make room for God to speak and for us to be renewed.

When we push every day we run out of our personal resources.

We must rest!

If you can’t rest today, when will you make the time to rest in the next ten days? It will be something that you will not regret. It will be something that you will have to make happen. It will bring peace and restore your weary soul.

Please, make time to rest.

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