Throw Back Twitter #TBThursday

I appreciate that social media has provided me the opportunity to connect and reconnect with family, friends, and colleagues all over the world. At the same time I learned from this past year something about myself that I needed to own.

I didn’t find anything good about having a Twitter account.

Many people do or maybe they are addicted to it. Either way I personally found it to be a place that was far more negative than hope filled. Far more divisive than uniting. Far more misleading than informative.

Also, I just never used it.

When it first started it helped me get real time reports about what was happening within my denomination or to the mission partners that I supported and reports of events happening in the world in real time.

All those things still can happen on Twitter, but I found fewer people using it that way.

So, I gave it up. I don’t have an account any more and for now I don’t foresee myself going back.

I choose to fill my head with that which is uplifting, bridge-building, and informative.

Maybe you are ready to curb your social media usage too. It might just be a good thing for us all to step back a little and invest in the people physically around us more.

2 thoughts on “Throw Back Twitter #TBThursday

  1. I never “did” Twitter. I do, however, rely heavily on Facebook and, on a limited basis, Facebook Messaging. Anything negative I delete without comment. Facebook has reconnected me to long-lost cousins all over the country, even a couple of high school friends, as well as provide me a forum for encouraging missives and images.

    1. Facebook has given so much to us who have wanted to stay in touch with others that we do not live near. I really appreciate that part and as you pointed out it is the negativity and the lies that tear us all apart. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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