Love your Frenemy

On Sunday I shared my message about loving your enemy based on Jesus teaching in Matthew 5:38-48. You can watch it here. I used the term frenemy (friend turned enemy while claiming to be a friend). These are the kind of people that Jesus is asking us to love. It is not that we have to agree with them, side with them, or be ok with how they are treating us. By the power of God we have to love them.

That afternoon I was watching the Green Bay Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys and in the middle of a crazy game that message of loving when it feels impossible was reinforced.

Prior to the game there was a presentation to highlight the construction of the National Medal of Honor Museum. Honored guest including former President G. W. Bush and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Ellen Degeneres were present for the announcement prior to the game. What sent people off the deep end was that FOX took a break from the action to show that suite where these people watching the game including Ellen and former President sitting next to each other. It was in the middle of this brief live shot that Ellen and the former President spoke to each other and they both laughed.

Apparently Ellen is not supposed to talk to THAT president nor is she supposed to laugh with him. I will let her explain what happened.

Ellen is on to something here folks. At what point do we need to leave kindness behind? We don’t need to, we choose to leave it out.

Jesus pushes us further. Not only should we be kind, but we should love them. Love supplies for their needs. Love sees their humanity first and their opinions and points of view second. Love sees the child of God.

Our God builds, creates, establishes order out of chaos. The love that God has shown us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus demonstrates real love.

Have I perfected that kind of love? No.

My prayer is that God will keep teaching me and giving me the strength to show that kind of love in heart, word and deeds.

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