Suicide, I hate you.

Once again ……… why? Another human being, a young pastor, has taken their life. Taken. That is really too polite and gentle for what it does to the people that loved him, knew him, supported him.

If I sound mad then good. At least I am being clear.

Suicide does not respect race, gender, age, social status, career, or anything. It is a genocidal mental, emotional, and spiritual infestation that destroys everything.

It is not entertainment, it will not be viewed as revenge by anyone, and it is never the way out.

I have seen its sickening grip dig into people.

I sat with the survivors who ask the question that no one will ever be able to answer; “WHY!?!”

It’s time to embrace the importance of living.

Yes. This is fractured and broken place.

Yes. People do some horrifying stuff to each other.

Living is a far greater revenge than making your life stop.

I have been told to watch for the signs so that I can help the addicted, the veterans, the young, the confused, the bullied, and the list does not end, but I have not been able to “catch” this thing and kill it before it harms another precious soul.


Today, I cry out to God, to Jesus.

Today, I cry out to the one who stood at the tomb of Lazarus and wept for the pain it causes everyone.

Today, I cry out to the one who entered death itself and defeated it.

Today, I cry out and I say I have hope for tomorrow.

My prayer today and this evening is that you will see how valuable you are and how important living is to this world. I want you to see another day.

May God’s love overwhelm you and crack open the darkness so that you can see the hope that is there right now.

You have more who are for you than are against you. Hear our voices.

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