Press On

If I ask a question and don’t get the answer that I am looking for does that make the answer that I received less true? What if I ask a question and there is no answer, only silence, does that mean that there is no ultimate answer?

If I answer yes to these questions how can I be certain that I am right?

I understand that we all have a lot of questions, especially in light of the mess we see and live through daily. I can sympathize with the desire to make some sense of it all. I can also relate to those who feel like they need permission to take a break from all their responsibilities for awhile, to stop “adulting” and fall apart for a little bit. We want the freedom to say “This sucks and I do see a way out of this mess.”

I get it.

Today, I choose to press on toward the goal of building peace, unity and order.

Today, I choose to live by faith that God is in control and I have a part to play.

The Apostle Paul told the new Christians in Corinth that were all kinds of a mess, struggling to get along and affirm one faith that the God that they confess with their mouths, this Jesus who is their Lord is the same God who “is a God not of disorder but of peace.”

Paul is teaching them, reminding them, that life is messy and relating to one another is hard, but God will create a way forward. At the very core of God is relationships and order, light and peace, love and hope.

He is instructing them to adopt a different way of thinking about today. If the world throws us off with violence, hate, and disorder stand firm, press on, choose to be the one that says this is not normal and we can do better with God’s help.

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