Trying To Help

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”

– Richard Rohr

Over this past weekend my friend Rev. Dr. Mark Mueller of The Outreach Foundation spoke to leaders of my congregation and to people in the community about some staggering realities that this world is facing. I mentioned before about the plight of the people of Syria in my post “Raising Awareness & Sharing Hope” and I am trying to put into words the challenges that people are facing as I write this post.

One fact that I can’t stop thinking about is that $40 will purchase a UN food parcel for a family of four that will feed them for a week.

Can I give up something to help a family that is facing a situation that I cannot wrap my head around?

What am I saying?!

That is not really the question. It is not can I. I can. Will I?

Will I go without?

That is when the quote from Richard Rohr spoke peace into my heart and challenged me as well.

I can’t think myself into this change of heart. I must act to change my thinking.

During this season of Lent what might God being calling us to do or what action might God be calling us to add that will change our thinking?

May God’s love lead you and God’s peace wash over you.

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