Whole 30 Journey

Since the start of this month my wife Liz and I have been keeping a Whole 30 Diet. I have been thinking about it as a fast for the month since I am not medically required to remove certain foods due to allergies or physical problems. I made this choice to in part lose some weight, but mostly to let my body take a break from the items listed on the “NO” side of the picture above.

Here is what I have learned about myself with four days remaining in this fast.

1) I need to fuel my body the right way. Like many fathers who try to make the best work/family/play/spiritual ratio work there never seems to be enough time in any given day. When pressed for time I would default to simple food options that were not always better options.

2) When its cold in the winter I really want bread, sweets, and a drink other than water or coffee. You may have heard that we here in the Midwest are going to see record-setting low windchill temperatures. I am originally from the NW and the numbers that I am hearing are things of myth and ancient legend (-50 degree F). Chocolate sounds awesome in that kind of cold, really anything sounds better than riced cauliflower (I eat it, but it has not been one of my favorites).

3) Hungry? Drink water. I can’t count the number of times I have said this to myself over the past couple of weeks. Most of the time it works.

4) Prayer and scripture have really helped me keep focused.

5) Did I lose weight? Yes, when I checked yesterday I have lost close to 12 lbs in total.

Again, the weight lose is great, but it really isn’t about that as much for me. What I see is the value of teaching my body and mind to wait, redirect, focus on what really matters. Clarity is a big word for me this month. This is something that I believe that I have gained in large measures. Clarity about myself, my relationships, fatherhood, work, and my community.

If this is something that you are considering then I would encourage you to do it. It would be best to consult someone else before you start, especially someone who can walk alongside you. I believe that I could not have done this without my coach/cheerleader/meal-planner wife. I am grateful to my friends, my Tribe, who although they joked about it (which I loved) they encouraged me to keep going.

Who do you lean on when you consider learning more about yourself? Do you seek God through prayer and scripture for strength? What would you love to have clarity about in your life?

Thanks for reading this and may God’s peace descend upon you!

Check out the meal plan that we had over this month by going to https://simplylizsmith.com/

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