Take It Back

Lately I have become keenly aware of the power of words. As a husband, father, and pastor I have seen the impact of my words on the faces of those around me. Some times there is misunderstanding on my part or on their part. Then there are the times that I know my words landed with their intended weight and I begin to feel regret.

As someone who is committed to building up the community and building points of common connection I struggle with keeping the peace in all the relationships I have with people, especially with those whom I love the most.

One reason for this is that the person whom I am at odds with wants the opposite of what I want in the situation. Teenage children want to assert themselves and push for their way, while as a parent I push back with “not yet” or “no.”

The other reason that the tension exists is I am sinful. It’s true. I am a broken person, but I don’t sit still in my failures adopting an apathetic outlook of myself or the world.

I have hope!

Each day I get up gives me the chance to try again. It provides me with the opportunity to say three of the most powerful words on the planet; “I am sorry.”

My words can and have hurt others. I know that is true. Now what will I do with this knowledge?

I push myself to seek peace, to grow in love, and to bite my tongue.

I choose to grow as a person. I pray that God will give me patience and strength to reach my goal.

I can not take back my words, but I can always learn and I can ask to be forgiven.

I have hope!

Thanks be to God!

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