When She Surprises You (in a good way)

One of the things that I love about my job is that I have the freedom to talk openly about my faith. As a result it opens doors for me to share my journey with others in all kinds of ways, one of them being on the radio Today’s Refreshing Light Rock @105.3kfm. In my community local pastors are asked if they would like to come into the station and record eight short segments to fill a two-hour praise and worship show. I have really enjoyed it as it gives me a chance to stretch myself in how I communicate the gospel in brief sound bites. Also, there is the challenge of making a recording session sound like it is all happening live when the show airs.

Since school is out for summer I asked my oldest if she would like to join me in the studio. She agreed and we co-wrote some segments and I coached her through writing her own piece about a song that she got to choose for the show.

I am so proud of her for trying something new without a hint of fear of reservation. She got almost all of it in one take (the times that we didn’t were due to me needing to start over). Now she is a bold, fearless, performer that took to this like a fish in water. What really impressed me, the thing that makes my heart sing was the segment she wrote about the song that she picked for the show this weekend. The song is by @itsbrittnicole

This is such a beautiful song and a spiritually mature outlook on life. Here is what Elise wrote about this song;

My dad asked me what song I wanted to put on the radio and I thought of Britt Nicole’s song “Have Your Way”. It means a lot to me because, sometimes in life you’re at a fork in the road and you don’t know which way to go. I try looking for the answers but they aren’t easy to find. I try almost everything, but nothing works. Then I realize, all I have to do is ask God where I need to go by stopping what I’m doing, breathing and praying for God to help guide me where I need to go. Here is Britt Nicole with her song “Have Your Way.”

I love that this is the song for her and what she wrote. This experience of doing the show together is one that I will always think fondly of and hope that we will continue to have opportunities to share of love of God with others together.

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