Battling Chaos

What do you do when you are exhausted from the baby crying all night, your kids can’t find clothes to wear, they want to be at school 10 minutes ago, and you have only had some of your first cup of coffee?

I have a choice. Fall apart as I look at this day and say “I Can’t Even!” or say “I am thankful for today and I will look for the little moments of joy.”

I am convinced that no matter how dark the hour God will always find a way to send you moments of joy that will give you the strength that you need to face the day. Sometimes you end the day feeling victorious, other times you are a survivor, and there will be times when you close out the day on the short end of the stick. In all of these realities God is fully present.

Do you realize that the chaos that is in this world, the stuff that would push us to despair and doom has to bow to God? There is no power greater, nothing stronger, than the will and love of God.

I want you to know that it is never too late to start your day over. Pause right now. Don’t go searching for another article, or look at the last thing said at the national or international political level, make space in this moment to hit your reset button.


You have the power over everything in this world. You are light, love, and life. Help me see the moments of joy today. Help my neighbor to see how much they are loved. Help me to show my love for them.


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