Purple Party Last Night

Last night Dannah Gresh’s Secret Keeper Girl performed their Purple Party Tour at our campus. There was so much joy and energy in our building. All day during the set up, during the show, and after during tear down there existed an excitement that was infectious.

Why? The people who do the tour? That is part of it.

Was it the amount of coffee that I drank that day? Maybe, but not likely.

What was it then that made this such an amazing experience for everyone?

It is the authenticity of the message. God loves you. You have value. You are beautiful.

“Dress yourself on the inside, before worrying about the outside.”

As a father of three young girls who are in the beginning of or on the edge of adolescence I cannot tell you how much this message means to me. You may ask why, but I think you already know why it matters.

You see I do tell my girls daily that I love them, that they are beautiful, and that they can chase their dreams to be a marine biologist, a dancer, a ninja, a rockstar, the president, or anything they want to pursue in life.

What I pray for and hope is that there will be others in my girl’s lives that will reinforce what I tell them. They do listen to me, but sometimes I am just Dad. They want and need input from others.

That is why I am so grateful that they heard this message last night. God made you. You are beautiful. You have value. Chase the dream that God placed in your heart.

For all the smiling moms, grandmas, and girls I want to say thank you SKG!

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