Lonely in America

Why is it that we crave to be known all while wanting to be left alone?

When we enter into the pain and disorder and hear of a way through it we don’t want to be bothered by calls for personal or communal change. That would mean that our course is incorrect, the path we are on leads down when we thought we were headed up.

Besides we are not sure that wrong and right exists anymore. Sometimes we feel like we have outgrown such terms, but when everything hurts we may start to wonder if we misjudged somethings from our past.

We want to feel whole or at least we want to be certain that we are moving towards being whole.

Whole is a good that we can all strive for, unless your whole invades my whole, that won’t work.

We want something pure and authentic. However, in our pursuit of authenticity we can trample purity under foot.

We want to be loved. Give how we need it given to us. This is us talking while no one listens.

Why do we crave to be known all while wanting to be left alone?

We know what our heart wants, but we wonder if we have been away to long, if we walked too far, if we said too much, if we crossed all the lines.

Does grace exist?

Yes. Come unto me all who are weary and I shall give you rest.

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