Love and Fear in America

I am reflecting on compassion and mercy today. When I read the AP reports about the violence that we carry out against each other, my heart aches. Then I read a post this morning by Anni who shares her worry as a mother of a black son in America. Please click here to read her story in her own words.

What am I doing to help mothers and fathers who spend what seems like endless hours awake and worried about their children?

I can pray. I can raise awareness. I can educate.

These are all helpful, but if I do not have love in my heart for the billions of parents like Anni and their children then I have done nothing.

God wants us to love both God and our neighbor.

If I love I risk. If I love I will support, encourage, and speak when no one hears them.

When I love I will see them as my sister or brother. When I love there remains no room for words like race, alien, citizen, poor, wealthy … there is only space for welcome. I have heard you Anni and you are not alone.

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