Modern Prayer

As someone who was raised in a couple of different Christian traditions I have found that when I say “pray” there are two constants 1) “Not it” happens often and 2) within Christianity there are so many diverse ways that people of the same faith pray.

Have you ever been in a group setting and the person who normally prays is not there and you know someone is supposed to pray but what quickly follows is aversion of eyes and silence. “Not it.” Maybe you have never been through this awkward moment, but I have…many times. Why don’t I step up? I want people to see that we all pray, but we may not have taken advantage of the wonderful opportunity to pray with and for a group. Next time you find yourself in that moment I would encourage you to step up and seize the chance that God is giving us all to pray with and for others. You will grow in your understanding of our God and our relationship to God.

The number of different starting places for Christian prayer can also lead us to hesitate in wanting to praying in groups. Whether we are raised in an environment where the pastor/priest offers the prayer collect or where there is fervent request for God to send revival there is a lot of ways to pray.

What do we know about prayer from the bible? Let it be real. Let it be from your heart. Whether you offer the Lord’s Prayer or make a request for intercession let it always be from you. Make sure that you allow space for God to speak. I may not have heard an audible response, but I have felt peace in the midst of difficult times. There are times when a passage from scripture comes to mind or think of something that I must do or someone I need to talk to in the near future.

Above all know that God is always far more ready to listen than we are to pray. Seek the Lord in prayer and you will find God.


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