Generation with Generation

Old men ought still, of course, to be explorers. But part of their gift to the young may be the sketch-map of their previous wanderings, so that those who come after may at least understand why they got excited by things they did, and also why they made the mistakes they did.

-N. T. Wright, Preface for Paul and His Recent Interpreters

Never stop exploring frontiers, never cease the journey to know and understand. Come all you travelers and add your questions, lend your ears, engage the problems and let us strive toward solutions together.

It is only when generations work together that we will find real solutions to the problems we face today and those on the horizon.

No one generation is perfected and we all need each other. Each generation never arrives at a moment of superiority for we are all fragile, temporary,and limited.

There is a voice that is superior to this or any generation that has or will exist. it is both fully revealed and hidden in mystery. This voice is Life. This voice is Hope. This voice is found when people love others as they love themselves.

I am excited to learn with others as we seek the voice of hope.

God grant me the ability to hear your voice in each generation and apply it towards my interpretation of your voice for this generation.

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