Reset by Grace

You ever have one of those days where you wish you could hit the reset button? Of course you have, we all have. Rather than go into the details of what happened I will just say that I wish some things had gone differently and that I had handled them better.

A couple of things came to mind throughout my day. “Is this really worth all this energy and frustration compared to the big picture of life?” Most of the time the answer was no. Sadly, that did not set me free. I tried, but I could not get there with despite all my best intentions and refocusing.

So now here it is later in the evening as this day is drawing to a close and I realize something; thank God for grace and fresh beginnings. No really, I mean THANK GOD!

Now, with the knowledge that I am still set free by the love of God the day does not feel as heavy and tomorrow is not something to worry about or dread. That is the beauty of God’s grace for us. It gives us, no mater how hard the day, something more than a positive outlook. It sets us free to live!

I pray that this hope will find you too!

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