Time to be Present

I find that I am far more conscious than I ever was before of how infinitely and terrifyingly time stretches, and how small, by comparison, the span of humanity’s existence is likely to prove. – Tom Holland

These words struck me to my core this week. It is not like the concept of how big time and space is compared to the fragility of human life was absent from my thinking, but it really hit home for me. There was nothing unique about this week compared to previous ones. Life with kids is still crazy. Making time to talk with my wife before either one of us is too tired to carry on a conversation is still the same challenge. Errands and chores must be done. Still had to try to exercise (why does the alarm go off so soon?)

To be honest I am not sure what made the above quote stand out. All I know is that I was beginning to read Mr. Holland’s book The Forge of Christendom¬†when I came across that line and it hit me; why do I stress and get upset about things that really don’t matter?

My friendship with my wife is important (yes, I am friends with my wife). So am I talking to her like a friend or am I only bringing up the stuff that fills our day like who is going to pick up which kid to go to their respective activity and then help with homework, and figure out what to do about dinner, and did we………


What about my kids? Am I learning about them? Do I listen or do I just take pictures to post and focus on all the stuff that is happening at the same time as I am physically with them?


Balance is key and at the same time very difficult.

This much I understand so far. Life is fragile and short. Therefore, I need to be intentional with them, my family, my friends, and the people in my life. Regardless of how I did in the past I have today and that is a precious gift that I will not waste. Today sounds like a great time to be intentional.

I pray that God will give us all the ability to be present with the people in our lives. May you experience hope today!

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