God’s Strength

At harvest time we are blessed with beautiful landscapes of crimson, gold, and hazel. Pumpkins are picked, cleaned, and carved. The flavors of fall are infused into everything from Oreo cookies to lattes. Students are beginning to hit their stride in their classrooms, the fall sports are in full swing, and outdoor events are everywhere. Cooler weather, open windows, and falling leaves show us that a new season has come upon us. In the midst of the end of something it ushers in the beginning of something else.
As we walk together as disciples of Jesus, as a family in God, we know that we will face times of celebration and times of challenge. Mountain top highs and valley lows. The fact is that not even the most superstitious person can predict exactly when a high or low will happen in our lives. The change in season just happens and we really have no control over it at all. I suppose that is why it can be so unsettling.
It has been my experience that one can prepare one’s heart and mind only so much, but one never really knows what will come next. Jesus warned his disciples “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Wise words, powerful words, and yet we can’t seem to help ourselves, can we. None of us likes uncertainty and we may be tempted to say, “Lord I’m told you know the plans you have for me so can you give them to me now so that I can be prepared for what is going to happen next?” How many of us would love to know? Yet, the truth is God will not tell us. I believe for good reason. We are not ready.
Too often we can reach a level of contentment with our routine that we may feel that our lives are complete or very well near it. We like to think that we are fine where we are in life and therefore are within our rights to know what season will happen next in our lives. God knows better; that we have more to learn and much further to grow in our faith. So God does not tell us the plans, but like God said to the apostle Paul we are told, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” This may feel counter-intuitive. OK, it may feel like a rip off. However, God wants us to rely upon the strength that God gives to us. God is saying no matter what you face, I will never abandon you. God has the perfect strength that never faints in the face of hardship. God’s strength is one for all seasons; high or low. God’s strength can be trusted to last, encourage, and foster hope in Christ.
Whatever season descends upon you next I pray that you will lift your arms to the Lord and rely on God’s strength!

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