Chasing the Illusion

If I just could get ______________, then my life would be perfect.

Comparison between ourselves and others can be highly motivating. However, it can also be incredibly discouraging. We make these comparisons all the time in our neighborhoods, at open house night for school, or while comparing vacation stories with other parents while our kids are on the practice field.

These can be frustrating, but lately it seems that people have been able to down play these comparisons. That may be in part due to the amount of time and energy we spend online in social media apps and on their sites.

It seems like we get caught up in these stories about creative, successful, awesome parent, incredible spouse tales that are shared with such a high frequency on these sties. Most of the time we read them and are inspired to act or do something in our lives. Other times it sends us into a downward spiral of self pity.

The trouble begins for us when we start to think that everyone else is “living life” and we are merely existing. We lament that everyone else has got their act together and we … is it time to turn in for the night? We buy into the lie that life can be perfected here and that we are missing a key secret ingredient to make the magic happen for us. The truth is that this is all just a card trick that our mind is playing with our emotions.

slight of hand

The people who share these stories go through just as much junk. We all have desires for better lives, families, careers, vacations, and relationships. There is no level of income that changes that for us. Sure with more money comes more opportunity. However, money and opportunities do not equal perfected lives. We all face disappointment, loss, and failure. It is also true that we all experience things that we can celebrate, cherish, and give thanks for in our lives.

When you feel yourself slip into that mood where you feel everyone else is better off, pause, and pray. Ask God to remind you of the spots in your life, in your day, that you can give thanks for and that God will fill you with a heart that celebrates the gift of God’s love.

May God’s love for you be made real today!

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