Dancing with Grace

Grace invited me to dance and I said okay.
I walked out to the floor with my head hung low, not daring to make eye contact. Although there was something there that I had not felt in years, I dared not smile nor show relief. I thought emotion was not was not allowed when you dance with Grace. Detach, don’t feel, let go. Shoe lace unravels causing me to stumble and fall. This is where I belong, the thought begins within my breast, groveling before her. Grace stooped down to lift me up, she made me believe in what was best.

Grace invited me to dance and I said yes!
I slipped out onto the floor with enthusiasm and finesse. I had been chosen, it was my time to shine. I spun away from Grace as it felt like solo time. People gathered round and cheered me on, but the other shoe lace came undone. Once again my body met the ground and this time the shame and embarrassment came quickly along. In the darkness, far from the light, I sat, I looked for a way out, some way to put things right. That’s when I felt Grace’s hand on my shoulder. She helped me up, and I knew it would be alright.

Grace invited me to dance and I was afraid.
Eventually I gave in and let Grace lead the way. Even though I did not seek to belittle or praise myself I was not absent from the dance. I contributed to movement, to the flow. Was it Grace or I leading, it was hard to know. It was the very definition of dance where trust and the unknown reside. When the dance ended I was full of hope and very tired. Rest came easily afterwards while I long for another dance with Grace.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

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