Searching for the Found

Searching for community, a place of belonging.

Will they accept me, a sinner of my own creation. I am not all that bad, but then again I am never that good. My façade is only skin deep thinly veiling my brokenness.

Searching for community, a place of love.

I seek a place that offers more than words of self improvement and good works. My heart needs relief from the weight of living in this age with questions unanswerable and “truths” whispered in darkened corners of the room.

Searching for community, a place of hope.

Is there something that can restore my legs, a word to empower me to stride with confidence towards a meaningful future? Will chaos, violence, and hate have the final say or will there be a liberating Way?

Searching for community, a place for today.

Is there be a place that is concerned with today? Has the past robbed us of our best days or are they held captive in the always elusive future? Who will speak for the neighbor, the lover, the child, or the friend at this hour?

Searching for community, a place of disciples.

Striving to live as one, brought together by body, blood and water. No more will the eye be deceived, nor will the ear be blocked from hearing and the heart will no longer be led astray. Sisters and brothers that walk together as a true family that live by the code of forgiveness and a resurrected love as their truth.

I found the community; I pray you do too.

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