Stressed Out America

In a recent report released this week by the American Psychological Association we learned that Teens who participated in their research are suffering during the school year from more stress than the average adult. Almost half said that they will do stress relief by gaming or spending time on-line. The solution? Get them out and doing more exercise. The problem I know plenty of physically active adults who look like they are carrying a weight that at times looks like it is going to bury them. Why?

Exercise will help, but what happens when the adrenaline wears off? You are physiologically in a better place to deal with the stressors, but some things are not easy to change. In fact there are some things that you can’t change. Your family is one of them and nothing makes this more real than being snowed in for a couple of days. A contentious work environment. Change can happen, but not overnight. An ailing family member who is not responding to the treatment.

When these stressors and many more come our way, being physically fit and emotionally balanced is a good plan. However, sometimes these plans are not enough.

Sometimes you need something bigger. Sometimes we need to place our hope in the One who is larger than what we see or experience, the One who was here before us and will be long after we are gone, then we will have something to lean on when logic, reason, and hard work don’t solve our problems.

Today you are loved by God. May this knowledge give you hope, strength, and peace!

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