God’s Indiscriminate Snow Love

As the snow falls today I am struck by the beauty of this winter blanket that indiscriminately covers the ground. The snowflakes fall where they will without any noticeable sign of a plan or reasoned attack. Some of the ground receives it and absorbs its essence leaving only a a trace of moisture behind while other ground is hard allowing the snowflake to remain intact creating a foundation of the construction of more flakes to build upon it.

I am not sure if you have considered God’s love like this, but the more I learn through my examination of the Gospel I see that the love of God is always falling upon us. Sometimes our hearts are like the frozen earth that are in need of a good thaw before that love finds its way into our lives. While there are other times when we receive God’s love as a drenching presence that changes us at the core of our existence. 

We can go in search of it, but I have found that it is already present in our daily living. How can we receive this blessing? Ask the Lord to open your heart to God’s love. This request will be honored and acted upon as it is at the very heart of God for this world.

May your hearts be thawed to the presence of God’s indiscriminately falling love upon all the earth.

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