The Gift

What is the perfect gift to give and receive?
Is it found in a shop or online? Can those of meager wage obtain it or is it reserved for those who revel in the finer things of life?
What is the perfect gift?
Is it a place that you can travel to and will you know it when you arrive? Is it something that you can set upon your table to enjoy with guests? Can you plug it in or does it run on batteries? Will you need an Ethernet cable or can you access the Net with WiFi?
What is the perfect gift?
If you could get or give the perfect gift would it be wrapped? Would you use bows, ribbons, or a bag? What you take time to find just the right paper to wrap it yourself or would you pay someone to do it for you?
What is the perfect gift?
Will it fade, wither, or spoil? Would it be a moment and then only a memory to revisit on our phones and Facebook pages?
What is the perfect gift?
This is the question that we ask at this time of year, but it is the question that has existed for a very long time. In fact this question was asked before there was time.
What is the perfect gift?
The answer is not found online, in stores, or during a sale. It is not something that we can make, assemble, or bake.
What is the perfect gift?
It was given once for all to receive. It was given a long time ago upon a starry night.
The perfect gift.
God. God in flesh. God among us.
The perfect gift.
Love. Reconciling, Renewing, Restoring Love.
The perfect gift.
A baby, vulnerable and dependent. A child, the salvation of all people.
The perfect gift.
We call him Jesus.
A gift for all to receive, the perfect gift.

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