Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father,
You who are more eager to hear than we are ready to speak,
Have mercy on us.
We believe that we have the ability to correct our world by our intellect and might alone.
Forgive us.
Only you have the strength to solve the mess that exists in this world and within us.
Lord, have mercy.
Do not ignore the cries of the innocent.
Conquer rage and hate with your resurrected peace.
Oh GOD, hear us. Oh GOD, save all.
For those whose today is tormented by the violence of the past,
Send your peace.
For those who plot the destruction of the innocent and war against your name.
Silence the weapons, save your children, restore hope.
Father in Heaven,
you have shown mercy to us,
your grace has shaken our understanding of ourselves,
and we trust that you hear these prayers.
Act now Lord, reveal your Name, send your everlasting hope among us.

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