And you may begin

I remember sitting in the library, number 2 pencil in hand, empty blue book before me. My adrenaline level was rising, my mind feverishly reviewing relevant facts, and my heart saying softly “seek me and know.”

Exams. I have yet to meet someone who enjoys them. They are a fact of life in preparing for the next chapter of our stories that have yet to be written. At the time they feel monumental…at the time…then all is quiet as we move on.

Every day we face challenges and at the time some feel monumental. How should the follower of Jesus approach these challenges?

I can say confidently that I take a completely different approach when I make time in the morning to read God’s Word and spend time in pray.

Some of the praying is read from a prayer-book. Some of it is said while I am driving or walking. Some of it is written out in a prayer journal.

The point is that I make time to do it. I would like to make more time. Why?

It is not that prayer guarantees a successful day. Prayer and scripture stir in me a thirst for more of God. It centers me on what is of greatest worth. With that seed firmly planted in my mind the day, though stressful and taxing, is transformed.

As you start your week or day. Make time to seek God and then you may begin…

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