Lost in the Shuffle

There is no question that getting back into the swing of writing regular posts can become daunting after a couple of weeks off. I would look at the screen, never going to my blog, but feeling it call to me. As each day passed I would try to pacify my mind with distractions and other’s writings. Of course the only thing that this accomplished was to remind me of my neglected and naked site that set vacant of entry since the days prior to Easter.

I began the week thinking I will write, I will make it a point to express my thoughts, the hope we have in God, a funny thing about raising kids, something light-hearted and get back into regular posts. Then came the call, “Did you hear about Boston?”

Dear God! Families, friends, supporters of marathon runners, an 8-year-old child? Why!?!




It is not surprising that people are flocking to Fred Rogers’ timeless message to children; “Look for the helpers.” He made such a strong impact on our culture and upon my generation.

Now as a parent I lean on this when I am trying to figure out how to explain to my children when they see terrifying events on TV. I am grateful, more than I can put into words, for those in this world who see suffering and they rush in to help the wounded. As a parent I can do this and feel like I am fulfilling my duty in raising my kids.

As a pastor I do not get to stop there, because when people do ask they “Why does God let this happen?” I would be avoiding the question if I say “Look for the helpers.”

Or would I?

God does not run from darkness and evil. God enters it and overcomes it. God looked at the depths of our own depravity, hatred, and self-centered destructive behavior and rushed straight in to set us free with an act of sacrificial love. That love is present today and evident anytime people come to the assistance of others, helping the stranger, opening their homes, helping them reconnect with loved ones.


Where was God? Rushing into the darkness to bring hope and light!



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