30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver


Judas takes the 30 pieces of silver and betrays his teacher and friend.

That is what we are told. Judas feels so strongly that Jesus has gone too far that he must hand him over to the authorities. Judas thought he was doing what was necessary. What was best. Yes, he did it for money, but it really wasn’t that much.

Today I wondered what in my heart was so self-centered, so focused on my own way that I would be willing to turn away from a friend, betray a teacher, give up on someone I knew well.

We like to think that there is no way that we could ever be like Judas in the story of Jesus. However, the truth is that we all have the ability to be like Judas and maybe some days we feel like we are lower than Judas.

Thankfully, God places people in our lives to intervene on our behalf, and like the priest in Les Miserables, they use silver to purchase our souls for God. The silver could be forgiveness, a prayer of intercession and healing, a listening ear, a word of encouragement, a debt forgiven, a meal and shelter when you were hungry and lost.

Is there someone in your life who gave you hope when you were low? Why not pray to God a prayer of thanksgiving and a blessing to be poured out upon them.

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