Tired? Me too…

Maybe it is the fact that it was 9 degrees Fahrennheit this morning when I refused to get out of bed (hey, that’s cold for the South), or that it was the bajillionth night in a row when one or more of the kids climbed into bed for any number of reasons, or tons to do and trying to figure out where to start, I am tired. There is not anything I can do about it at the moment except trudge on…or is there?

I drank my coffee this morning and it helped some.

I willed myself to get showered and dressed.

What’s missing? Usually all that gets things in order and rolling along. (yeah, I know exercise would help, but I am not there yet. soon, but not today.)

Then it hits me.


Not the kind of prayer where you say “Oh God, I’m so tired!” That is a start, but what I am needing is that kind where I read God’s word, pray for others, and be silent in the presence of God.

I hear the judgmental voices “Ok, desert father, that’s all good and well for you, but in my world I am at work, or attempting to work from home while my youngest is having a meltdown, the morning dishes still haven’t been touched, and I have no idea what to do for dinner!”

Truth be told as I write this my youngest is having a meltdown at my ankles…so I know what you mean. I am not saying it’s easy, but isn’t it true that we all get moments when it’s quiet enough (or partially) when instead of checking Twitter, Gawker, or Facebook we could read a Psalm from the bible and be still with God?

That was just as convicting for me so take heart tired people I’m with you. Let’s resolve to seize those brief moments of silence and pray!


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