God is not done with us

If any of you have looked at what has been in the headlines or has been trending online in the past week it would be easy to draw the conclusion that things are messed up. It is only natural then to feel disillusioned or discouraged about a hope filled future. We ask ourselves and others “will things ever change?” If you are responsible for more than yourself then the pull on your mind and heart to withdraw from this crazy world and put up your walls to protect and preserve are very strong. Indeed, with much of the craziness in the our world, you do not have to be a parent to wonder why step foot out there? I will remain safe, I will remain in my protected environment, I will remain.

Yes, that is one way to approach this life.

Then there is the inescapable good news of Jesus’ liberation of our souls. If Jesus has set us free from our past, our mistakes, our attempts to grab all that we can in honor of ourselves then there is hope that this world can and will change. We who hear the words of Jesus and surrender our hearts, our pride, ourselves to the task of glorifying God with our actions and words through displaying love know that we cannot, MUST not retreat when we the face of darkness. Instead we know that God is making this world new, a place where hope is not a dream, and that such a task requires our involvement.

I believe that God has not condemned this world to spin out of control into a wretched state of chaos. I believe that we have been called by Christ and that we must stop retreating into our “safe” lives boldly stepping out to work with others to bring the change that we all long for in our souls.

I believe that God is not done with us yet and it is time to live as new creations for the sake of God’s name and salvation of this world.


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