As a pastor I have been in numerous waiting rooms with families hoping to hear good news. I have been there for the success and the loss. It feels like most often the unknown periods of waiting are the hardest thing to endure. I trust the medical staff and know that they are trying to communicate as frequently and openly as possible. I can only imagine the pressure they endure as they work feverishly to resolve the matter and in the end can only say what they know, which does not always comfort. I say I can imagine it as there are times when people have asked me “where is God or will God heal?”

Today, I share with you these thoughts, because I am waiting. Unfortunately, I am 2,700 miles away from the ICU waiting room and waiting. All the questions that you ask of God when you wait I am asking.

In the midst of the sorrow and frustration there is peace. Not that I am okay with what is happening, but peace that God is there with my family and here with the rest of us. It’s not an audible thing or a sky writing thing. It is a heart thing.

My prayer for you is that whatever you are facing today that you will experience the God that loves you and the peace in his Son Jesus.

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