Image Renewed

How are you perceived by your co-workers? Is it the same way your close friends and family see you? It is usually the case that your co-workers and neighbors see you in a different way than those who are close to you like your friends and family. If you were to get feedback from all these people would it match how you see yourself? If you could change any or all of it would you?

I read a prayer this morning that said; “You (God) made us in your image and renewed us in Christ, mold us into the likeness of your Son.”

This got me thinking. If I could shape the way that I am perceived would it be Christ-like? Of course the faithful response is yes, but I am really trying to consider the weight of what that means so at the moment I will say; “I would like to say yes.”

Being made in the image of Christ means that I have to forgive, even when I am being unfairly judged or slandered. Being renewed into Christ means that I must take time for others when my schedule does not permit. Being transformed by Christ means that my top priority is to be in the presence of the Heavenly Father. Being like Christ means that I know and live as one who is justified by faith and not by the laws and rules created by humanity.

I am free to love in a just manner, to walk with divine joy in my steps, and I am able extend mercy to others.

Knowing all this I say yes, I do want to be renewed.

How about you?

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