Leadership during Adversity

There are many things being said about the NFL game that was played in Seattle last night. As a fan of the game, and the Packers, there is much that I could say that hours from now I will regret so I will avoid writing my thoughts about the game itself. Instead, I want to thank Coach McCarthy for showing people how to lead your organization when things fall apart.  http://www.packers.com/media-center/videos/McCarthy-Ive-never-seen-anything-like-that/f8e03c4d-aa1f-4f4e-a4c6-2e94ebf581f4

What I appreciate the most about his post game interview was his clear message that he was not going to get caught in the “drama” that sells newspapers and increases ratings. He examines what he could have done differently. He refuses to comment on the referee matter.

How many of us when facing adversity run from the podium and refuse to comment at all thus avoiding the situation? How many of us react in an uncensored manner due to the unjust circumstances only to increase the level of hostility and tension?

What I have learned from this interview is a leader is someone who is willing to stand at the podium to face the hard questions all while keeping themselves in check emotionally and has the courage to engage in self-examination with the intent of changing their approach the next time around.

Courage. Self-control. Humility. That is leadership in adversity.

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