What Children See.

The stuff that my kids say really blows my mind sometimes. There is so much excitement and imagination that if it were not for my one year old throwing is bowl of food to the floor and making noises at high volume that he is finished with the meal time I could just sit and listen for hours. The other night we were bowing our heads getting ready to pray before our meal when my six-year-old says that if we all close our eyes during prayer the angels will come down from heaven and be with us. Then when we said AMEN she said excitedly; “Oh! I touched one. I touched one of the angels!”

There really is something to the faith and unsoiled imagination of children compared to the weary soul and skeptical intellect of an adult. Maybe that is why Jesus encouraged his followers to have faith like a child. When we do look at our life and God this way we don’t automatically talk ourselves out of belief, we simply say “why not!?! God’s bigger than giants and skyscrapers so I’m sure that can happen” (another great line from one of my kids).

I pray that God will give you the kind of faith today that does not jump to the “That will never happen attitude, but rather rejoices in the ‘my God is soooo big’ attitude.”

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