Why don’t “they” come to Church?

Why are people not coming to Church? Where are all the 20 – 40 year olds?

There are too many reasons to list them all. The most frequently given response is something like the following; “If I am not scheduled to work that morning I want to kick back, relax, like a normal human being without having to be somewhere at a certain time. Plus, I don’t want to go somewhere that is full of hypocrites, guilt, and judgemental attitudes.” So time and hypocrites for those who do not enter building for a worship service.

On the flip-side the leadership (pastors and councils/boards/sessions) is asking the same question and arriving at the following conclusion; “If we weren’t associated with the liberal/conservative segment of the Christian faith then we would be more appealing to folks looking.”

Can you spot the problem? Those who gather to prayerfully consider, mull over, sweat and bleed over getting people in the door are wrapped up in fixing their brand. Those who do not come aren’t worried about a brand at all. People want rest, to belong, and hope.

If the bulk of our energy in the Church is fixing our signage or the way that we interpret Scripture and not living into a Christ reality of peace, love, and hope then we will continue to be frustrated with our inability to reach our neighbors.

True faith in God is visible, attractive, and easy to share. The question is will we do the hard labor of dying to self to allow the resurrected Christ to shine through us?

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