Violence upon your soul

 When depression moves beyond the occassional sadness and slips in the realm of despair it is difficult to see your self the way those who love you do. There is an overwhelming sense that this current situation is all there is and that nothing will ever change.

That is an absolute lie!

Life is never stagnant, in fact so much of life is constantly evolving in a positive direction. We rarely see it when our minds and hearts are clouded by pain, but even in the pain there is always a small shred of hope that lingers in the corner of our souls. When there is a regular and repeated attack upon your soul and you feel like that all that is present today is all there will ever be, please, DON’T GIVE UP! There is a better way out than saying good-bye and ending it all. Say to yourself time and again. I matter, I matter, I matter.

Today, you are loved. You are precious in the eyes of God. You are not out of God’s reach!

Please hang in there and know that I am praying for you today. You can make it.

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