The sound of silence?

 This is not my kid, but any parent has had that moment (perhaps several) when this was their kid. It starts off with a simple, “no ma’am.” and the next thing you know you have stepped beyond the realm of reason, and logic. Why? They are 3. The only know that they are not getting their way, the thing that they so desperately want is being refused and the only thing left to do is inflict what they feel inside on all those in their midst. The only worse than having this happen in your home is when it happens in public or everyone’s nightmare the plane. Please people with adult children and those who have yet to have one, do not be so quick to judge parents on planes, for let me assure you the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing pales in comparison to the death that we feel inside when our child, through their exhaustion, annoys everyone for hours and only falls asleep on the descent. Nothing can make us feel more like a failure than having our best laid calm and happy travel plans upended by a over tired toddler.

So how to curb such outbursts? Stand firm in your “no.” The traveling thing, well, I am sorry I brought that up, but is do your best and pray you have an understanding flight crew and fellow passengers. Dress them as cute and as comfortable as possible and then survive. Back to the non-plane related outbursts. Stay firm in your “no.” keep breathing and resist the urge to match their volume level with yours. It is an endurance event. You will not last a toddler’s energy level in the screamzone if you stoop to their level. Remain calm. Remain firm in your response and by all means designate a spot in the house that they know that they must go when you reinforce your response with “no ma’am. Go to time out.”

When the scream storm has passed, hug them and let them know that you love them and enjoy the silence……….while it lasts. Remember parents you are not alone, keep at it, you are doing a much better job than you have been giving yourself credit for lately.

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