Countdown to listening

My wife is a genius! If you deal with children then you know that listening skills are something that are developed and obedience does not come easily. In an effort to maintain our cool and rationally address our frustration with a lack of listening she implemented the count-down to discipline.

We begin with asking them to do something, say turn off the TV, and if there is no response then we say it a second time with an emphasis on our part not to raise our voices. If there is still no response then the count down to one begins with our calmly counting, hand raised in the air, and letting them know that if we reach one then they are to go to the corner or step to sit in time out.

Does it work? So far they do seem to get it. Is it 100% effective. No, but we are much more calm about dealing with our requests being ignored.

Try it. I hope it helps. Remember being a parent is hard, but we all feel that way so know that you are not alone.

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