Don’t give up!

I am saddened by the news of another person who has succumbed to the horror of suicidal thoughts. It is tragic that Junior Seau took his own life on the heals of Tommy Marth’s suicide. These were the ones that made national news, but sadly there were more than these two the past couple of weeks.

Sadness is not really an adequate word for this kind of loss. Anger. Deep seething anger? At times yes. Complete disbelief? Yes, because what is always present is the people who know the victim almost always say that they never saw it coming. They seemed to be doing so well.

If you can’t shake free a feeling of being stuck, that nothing changes in your life, that all is the same daily, then please, by the love of God talk to someone. It is okay to reach out. Don’t go it alone, because chances are you are not as alone as you believe in this moment.

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